A Side Trip to Camden Market


Camden Market is huge. No, I take that back. It’s GINORMOUS. Take the Tube to Camden Town station on any given weekend and you’ll see what I mean.

Once you fight your way through the crowds on Camden High Street (below), you’ll find that the popular shopping district is actually a messy amalgamation of a handful of markets, each one featuring a more dizzying array of stalls than the next. Camden Lock Market, Camden Lock Village, Camden Stables Market, and Camden Market are the most notable, and where one market ends and another begins is anyone’s guess. I’ve been here about a dozen times myself and still get lost!

Camden High Street

Busy much?

Sure, Camden High Street is photo worthy and decidedly funky, but I could take it or leave it. The alternative clothing outlets, bargain basement souvenir emporiums and fish-out-of-water brand name shops don’t appeal to me much now that I’ve reached my mid-to-late-20s. If I were 16 or 17, however, this high street would be heaven.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I can’t turn the clock back 10 years. That’s alright though. There’s a little something in Camden for everyone. These days, on the odd weekend when I find myself in this northwesterly section of London, I find myself drawn to the Stables Market.

Camden Stables Market

Camden Stables Market

Taking its name from its former stint a horse stable (no surprise there), this part of the market descends deep into the ground. It’s dark. It’s just a touch edgy. And it’s got some really cool vintage stuff. If you like old books, bottles, wooden boxes and the like, then I highly encourage you to do some subterranean rummaging at Stables Market. Prices are (mostly) reasonable, though you’ll be hard pressed to find anything steeply undervalued.

Back topside there are dozens upon dozens of different food stalls to sample from as well as a few decent vintage furniture and home ware stores. If you’re visiting London and only have time to visit one market, go to Borough Market if you love food and to Camden Market if you love shopping for clothes, accessories, vintage stuff, and other knick knacks.

Amy Winehouse statue Camden

A recent addition to the market – A statue of the late Amy Winehouse

Camden Stables Market

Camden Stables Market

Camden Market

Camden Market

Camden Market

Camden Market

What’s a girl to do after sifting her way through Camden’s Markets? My advice would be to take a break from the crowds and breathe in some fresh air at Regent’s Park. Hike up to Primrose Hill and enjoy the view :)

Regent’s Park/Primrose Hill

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  1. jenn 25 April, 2015 / 4:26 pm

    I live a visit there. First visited in 2000 and it’s gotten at least 3x as big!! In fact, all of london has become more crowded compared to then.

    • jenn 25 April, 2015 / 4:28 pm

      Btw I think we worked together a few years ago! You looked familiar. From a job on Cannon Street and I worked as a front end developer on public – facing websites….. If not, apologies.

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