Essential Reading for Newbie Londoners

Welcome my newbie Londoners! If you haven’t already, check out my New to London page where you’ll find all the nitty gritty details about getting a bank account, NHS number, and all that fun stuff. This page is a compilation of essential tips and tricks to help you settle into the UK capital as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Find out how to hunt for the best flat, establish UK credit, and even meet new friends in lovely London. Happy reading!

London and Money-Related Issues

What Does it Really Cost to Live in London?

Establishing Credit in the UK

What to Do with All That Spare Change

Finding a Place to Live in London

Tips for Flat Hunting

How to Interpret London Flat Rental Listings

Useful Links: Flat Sharing in London

Not sure where you want to live in London? Have a look at my London Neighbourhood Guides.

Shopping in London

Where to Buy What in London

London Stores: Their American Equivalents and What They Sell

My Favourite London Home and Furniture Stores

Argos: Inside one of the UK’s Most Peculiar Stores

Beyond the High Street: Shopping Malls in London

British Culture

Where to Meet New People in London

Recommended Reads: Watching the English by Kate Fox 

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