Stress Free Travel Out of Gatwick Airport with Hampton by Hilton


As a Londoner without a car, there is nothing more stressful than an early morning flight.

Let’s say, for instance, you have a 8am flight out of Gatwick. Ideally you should arrive at the airport by 6am or 6.30am at the very latest. That means you need to be on a train to Gatwick by 5am. That presents a problem since most Tube lines don’t get up and running until about 6am. Your only solutions are to (1) take a scary and long night bus (2) take a taxi to the train station (3) take a taxi directly to the airport.

None of these options are particularly pleasant and none of them solve the issue of having to wake up at 4 in the morning.


Our Room @ Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport

Facing yet another morning flight out of Gatwick last week, this time my boyfriend and I finally discovered a solution that solved all our problems:

We booked a room at the Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport and arrived the night before our flight.

Our flights were on Sunday, so we woke up late on Saturday morning and enjoyed a leisurely day of packing and getting ready for our trip. After a nice dinner out, we took the Tube to London Bridge and hopped on a train to Gatwick. I didn’t even bother to look at the time or when our train was due to arrive at Gatwick, because it didn’t matter!

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick - Lobby (Medium res)

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport

We arrived at Gatwick on Saturday evening and strolled directly over to the hotel. The Hampton by Hilton is connected to Gatwick’s North Terminal, which is where our flights were departing from. The check-in process was a breeze and we found the hotel to be clean, modern, and very practical for our needs. Here are some of the perks that as travellers, we appreciated the most:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free hot breakfast
  • Hot food served until 10pm
  • 24/7 lobby bar with snacks available (and you can bring your drinks into your room!)

Normally when we go on holiday, the rush to the airport is so stressful that we can’t relax until we’re buckled into the plane. By booking a hotel room (one that is connected to the airport, no less) we were never stressed to begin with. We enjoyed a lovely Saturday, nipped on over the airport, and even kicked our holiday off a little early at the hotel bar.

After a lovely night’s sleep, we got up the next morning, had some breakfast, and proceeded to the airport. The whole process was so simple and stress free that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of opting for an airport hotel stay before. There have been times when I actually paid [significantly] extra for an afternoon flight just so I could avoid the stress of early morning travel. It’s good to know that I don’t have to do that anymore and I also never have to take another 5am taxi ride ever again.

My stay at Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport was complimentary. However, all opinions are my own.




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