Thailand Through a Square Lens


Well my lovelies, it’s the festive season and that means I’m getting ready for a new travel adventure. I’ll be spending Christmas in Germany this year and will be separated from my beloved laptop. That means, unfortunately, that I won’t be able to post anything to the blog until the New Year.

You’ll be able to follow my adventures through the German winter wonderland on Twitter and Instagram.

In the mean time, here are some Instagram snaps from my latest trip to beautiful Bangkok.

Happy Holidays!

Folk Band at a Talad Nam (Floating Market) on the outskirts of Pattaya.

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If you’ve been to Bangkok before then you’re probably familiar with the city’s distinctive above-street cross walks. Not only do they keep pedestrians away from the [insane] traffic, but they also offer up great views!

Who doesn’t love a good #strideby? This one comes courtesy of a local tuk tuk.

Bangkok is the unofficial capital of street food and it’s easy to see why. Street food stalls are quite literally on every corner!

Speaking of street food . . .

This is my favourite photo of the trip. It may not be the best from a technical perspective, but it just reminds me of the contrast between Bangkok and London.


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The Chao Phraya River runs through the centre of Bangkok and if you visit I recommend taking a water taxi through the city. It’s a traffic-free way of seeing Bangkok and there are so many different little areas to explore.

Upcoming Travels and GiL on Instragram!


I’ll admit, this summer hasn’t gone quite as expected. What started out as a season full of promise and grand plans to enjoy and explore London ended up turning into week after week of struggling to fight off a lingering cold.

I’m one of those annoying people who never gets sick, but when I do, I make it count. It started off with a stuffy nose in late May and morphed into a terrible chest infection that I’m still feeling the effects of today.

However, now that the worst is behind me I can turn my attention to the future. My grand summer in London may be a disappointment, but I have high hopes for my upcoming travels.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen has been near the top of my ‘Weekend Break’ list for quite some time, so I’m really excited about visiting in late July. I’m taking a Friday and Monday off so that I can enjoy the city for four whole days. There are a lot of sites on my to-do list, including Tivoli Gardens and Nyhavn. I booked the trip based on a great last minute deal on British Airways’ website, and splitting the cost with my other half always help keep the budget in check.

Venice, Italy

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It’s been five years since I last visited Italy, so I thought this summer was finally the time to go back. I’ll only be in Venice for three days and two nights, so I imagine it’s going to be one of those constantly-on-the-run sightseeing holidays. I’ll be staying at Generator Hostel Venice, who graciously offered me one night’s stay, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the city in person. It’s one of those places I’ve dreamed about visiting since I was a kid and I’m literally counting down the days until the trip!

Bergen, Norway

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The August bank holiday is a perfect excuse to get away from London and I booked a trip to beautiful Bergen, Norway many, many, many months ago. It’s just a quick 3-day getaway, but I’ve packed it full of fjords, mountain biking, and scenic train rides.

To save cash I booked one-way tickets to Bergen using British Airways Avios points, and will be returning to London on Norwegian Air, a budget airline. Since I’ll only be there a few days the hotel costs are minimal (especially when split with a partner), and the biggest expense of the trip will be a 1-day tour of Berekvam and Flam with Norway Active.

Bangkok, Thailand

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If you’re a regular Girl in London reader you’ll know that I make frequent trips to Bangkok to visit my family. I was last there in April and will be returning again in September. I’m not so much a tourist in Bangkok these days as I am a resident, but I always keep an eye out for useful tips to share with you all when I’m over there. I’ve been taking Thai lessons for the past few weeks in an effort to learn the language and this will be the first trip where I think I’ll be able to speak significant amounts of Thai.

I pay for all my flights to London outright, since using Avios points on long-haul flights isn’t favourable. The good news is that my accommodation is free (thanks, dad!), and so are all my living expenses throughout my visit, including food and transportation. I also work part-time on writing projects on most trips, so what seems like an expensive indulgence actually turns out to not cost me much, if at all. I also rack up tons of Avois points as an added bonus.

Nice, France

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Last year for my birthday the bf and I took a trip to balmy Iceland. I loved the trip so much that I seriously thought about going again to celebrate my big 2-7, but decided against it since I’d rather visit the Nordic nation in a different season.

Instead, I’ll be ushering in my late-twenties in a slightly more glamorous location – Nice, France. Since my birthday is in October, it aligns well with Nice’s ‘shoulder season’. Shorter days and slightly cooler climes in the South of France mean cheaper flights and hotels, and empty beaches.

This time around, our round-trip flights are coming courtesy of British Airways Avios points and only cost £30/person (score!). I’ve booked a snazzy suite in a 3* hotel as opposed to a standard room in a 4* hotel in an effort to get more value for money. So far the plan is to explore Nice, the beach (if weather permits), Monaco, and possibly Cannes.

Finally . . . Girl in London is now on Instragram!
Writing ‘Girl in London’ always makes me feel like I’m referring to myself in the third person, but I guess I’ll get used to it over time. I’ve finally created an Instragram account for ‘Girl in London’ called girlinlondon_rtw (girlinlondon was taken, as you might have guessed).

My goal with the Instragram account is to take you with me in my suitcase and provide snapshots of London as well as all the different places I travel to. Since I’ll be kicking off a long string of trips next week, I thought it was the perfect time to get the account up and running.

I promise to try to keep the selfies to the minimum.