That one time I ate horseshoe crab eggs…


One of the true joys of travelling is getting the opportunity to try new foods. For most of my life I’ve been anything but an adventurous eater. If you sat me down in front of a plate of spaghetti or teriyaki chicken and I would be set. However, this year in particular I’ve made a concerted effort to get out there and test out new foods during my travels.

I few weeks ago in Iceland I tried fermented shark, puffin, and guillemot. And on my most recent trip to Thailand I added to horseshoe crab eggs (roe) to my lists of adventurous eats.

horseshoe crab eggs

Served at a popular seafood restaurant in Pattaya, the dish came in its very own horseshoe crab plate. You know, just in case you needed a reminder of where the roe came from.

Yes, yes, but what did it taste like?

Well, let’s just say horseshoe crab roe falls short of earning a ringing endorsement from me. It didn’t taste bad, but the problem was that it didn’t taste like anything at all. If I had to compare it to something, it would be undercooked pasta. Kind of hard, kind of dry, and kind of not that tasty.

So the horseshoe crab didn’t go down as a winner in my books, but it was certainly worth a try. It’s not everyday you get a chance to chow down on the eggs of a living fossil.

Plus, I was in Thailand, a country where you can never order just one dish. You need at least three or four different items to make up a proper sit down dinner here,  and that’s where a few seafood staples came to the rescue.

Fresh crab and fish are in abundance along this part of the Thai coastline, and the restaurant I visited near Pattaya proudly served up the day’s catch alongside a bevy of tantalising sauces and dips. Add to that a little steamed rice, a bubbling bowl of tom yum, and you’ve got yourself a feast!

I’m back in London now, which means I’m back to eating my regular, boring food. However I’ll be in Stockholm in the beginning of October and am keen to take my tastebuds out for a spin again. If you have any suggestions on what to try over there, let me know!


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